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We Began

with an emphasis in print media and have evolved into a full service production company for the photographic, new media & broadcast TV commercial markets.

We Strive

to produce every project seamlessly for our directors, photographers, agencies and clients. We believe that attention to every detail of the production process contributes to a successful shoot.

Calm Under Fire

Acting fast, thinking on our feet and navigating through uncharted waters while keeping our calm is our mantra.

Bigger is Better 

Dan Halprin forged an award winning location scouting company prior to producing. We have catalogued & maintained a huge digital library of fantastic locations from all over the globe. Our core team of location scouts and managers are award winners in their own field.

Production Services

  • Project estimates, budget management & reconciliation
  • Location scouting, location management & permits
  • Casting & talent booking, talent handling and payroll services available
  • Highly experienced bilingual crew
  • On-set production management in a flexible environment
  • In-depth knowledge of equipment needs & rental resources
  • Production design, props, sets & wardrobe styling
  • Travel arrangements, accommodations & transpo
  • Catering & healthy crafty

All Seven Continents

While producing global campaigns, we have put together a network of production resources all over the world. We are proud of our global production alliances and how our network supports our ability to produce on all seven continents.

We Are Adaptable and Scaleable

Our team thrives on working with new people and going to new locations. No location is too far; no budget is too big or too small. Every project brings new experiences and new relationships.


We have produced campaigns for automotive, tech industries, lifestyle, pharma, portrait, celebrity, product, fashion and editorial.