Shot descriotion – Car in motion in the garage
Project Name – FL Brochure Ext TLX ­‐ Studio Shoot
Job Number – ACN1­‐ACU­‐14­‐01814
Model Year – 2015
Model – TLX
Trim Level – Tech
Exterior Color – Graphite
Date – 02/07/2014
Photographer Christopher Griffith –
Photographer Contact – 212.475.0007

Location / Studio Hanger One
Art Usage – Usage is unlimited for time, territory, and all media for
Acura brand, Acura partners and subsidiaries -­‐ including all out takes.
Art Usage Expiration N/A
Photograher File Name – 1406_01_U_15_TLX_Tech_04
Agency Name Mullen LA
Art Producer – Kate Shoults
Production Company – Team Halprin, Inc

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